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Never Go Alone

A rash of elaborate cat burglaries of luxury buildings in Manhattan has the city panicked.

When a group of social media obsessed millennials--a loosely organized crew that call themselves "urban explorers"--are suspected in the heists, NYPD detective Jake Rivett is assigned the case. Rivett dives deep into the urban exploration scene in pursuit of the truth.

But what, and who, he finds--deep in the sewers, up in the cranes above under-construction skyscrapers, and everywhere else in New York--will change not only Jake, but the city itself.



Praise for the Jake Rivett Series:

"Dialogue as entertainingly raunchy as that in The Wolf of Wall Street or the Showtime TV series Billions."- Kirkus Reviews

"An absolute bullseye, reinventing the heist thriller for the information age." -

"Theft, murder, betrayal, and computer coding come together in Flash CrashDeftly going from the rich world of bankers to the dregs of Chinatown, Hatch's pacing ensures there is never a dull moment." - IndieReader Approved