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Ray Geide
Author, Translator
New Testament: Breakthrough Version
Ray Geide, translator

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

People assume that today's Bible versions tell the same message as Bibles did hundreds of years ago. They don't. The words are the same, but their meanings have changed. "Whoever believes in Him" does not mean what it meant when it was written in the first English Bible in 1395. Readers do not know this. They are misled.

To solve this problem, Ray Geide (a former missionary, pastor, and Bible teacher with an MDiv in New Testament Studies) has spent over thirty years developing a new set of words that accurately portray the original meaning. He uses these words and many new breakthroughs in this easy to understand New Testament.

  • accurate
  • easy to understand
  • corrects thousands of problems in the KJV and newer versions
  • brings out special nuances from the original Greek text
  • uses common everyday words
  • sets a new standard for Bible versions

This is a complete makeover of the New Testament that goes back to a literal translation of the old Greek text and uses today's words to revive the orginal meaning.