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Robert Valdin
Newton's Cradle

He stumbles upon his boss's secret project. Jeopardizing the American way of life, and his own.

Los Angeles, summer. Terence Whitfield and his boss Duncan Riley feel the heat in more ways than one. They need to close a deal that could improve the energy industry and save their company. Fortunately, the deal is set. Unfortunately, Terence is blackmailed into infiltrating Riley’s safe, where he finds an intriguing file: Newton’s Cradle.

The file describes a revolutionary technology that would replace fossil fuel with clean, free energy. Given the enormous implications, a backstabbing, no-holds-bar battle intensifies. As it turns out, Terence has opened Pandora's box. In order to stop New Energy from getting into the wrong hands, he will now have to fight for his life.

Valdin’s tangled debut novel explores the mystery and intrigue in corporate espionage. In 1995 Los Angeles, Duncan Riley, CEO of Cyloscape Industries, barters a groundbreaking energy deal with Chinese investors. Unexpectedly, the company’s board of directors does not approve the deal and instead embarks on a takeover of Cyloscape, with a goal to oust Riley as CEO. One of Riley’s employees, Terence Whitfield, is blackmailed into breaking into Riley’s safe to find damning documents that would support the takeover bid. Whitfield also finds plans for Newton’s Cradle, a revolutionary cold fusion technology that could threaten the future of the oil industry. Riley does not know who to trust as he struggles to maintain control of his company and starts receiving threatening phone calls, leading to a shocking confrontation with an enemy seeking revenge.

Valdin’s fast-paced narrative is rich with plenty of twists and turns, highlighting betrayals and revealing the ever-changing loyalties and ruthlessness of corporate transactions. The depth of characterizations adds to the suspense, and the web of deceit is complex and immersive, requiring the reader to pay careful attention to the plot. The intricacies of takeover bids, blackmail, and allegiance to the highest bidder add realism to this immersive novel.

Though most of the characters have engaged in dubious behaviors and aren’t inherently sympathetic, Valdin expertly explores their backstories, providing reasons for some of their actions and adding a touch of humanity to their merciless endeavors seeking personal glory and financial security. Most riveting are the dual narratives embracing the mystery behind the threats and the struggle for corporate power alongside the downward spiral of Riley’s personal and professional life. This tense and intriguing thriller will keep readers eagerly turning pages.

Takeaway: Quests for vengeance, power, and wealth make this magnetic story perfect for fans of legal and corporate thrillers.

Great for fans of David Baldacci’s Total Control, John Sandford’s Shock Wave, John Grisham.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A-
Illustrations: -
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A-