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No More Secrets by Michael Patterson
Overview It's a mafia book and it has heartbreaking moments, just as well as hilarious. It's about a guy name Miles, who gets mixed up into a business with some Mafia bosses delivering brief cases. The entire time he thinks he's working for the government. Until an agent by the name of Julia informs him other wise, about him being fangled by the Mafia boss. She sends him a letter that states, life or death is in your hand just take a look. After a while of wrecking his brain trying to figure out who sent the letter and what it meant. One day while he was out on an assignment it finally came to him, life or death is in your hand just take a look, as he fumbled with the brief case until he got it open. There were documents of people that were suppose to be assassinated and drug deals that were suppose to be carried out. With him finding out this information it put him and anyone that was close to him life in jeopardy. Miles race to stay a live and try to defuse the problem in the mist of confusion. There are three detectives doing investigative work that in the end turns out to be deadly assassins working for one of the mafia bosses. I promise you this is the book of the future I hope every one will consider this book as a classic and have it amongst the other great Authors on their book shelves.