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Brian Smith
No Pasa Nada
No Pasa Nada is an inspiring story that revolves around Orlando Lamont, a young adult who flees from Minnesota to Madrid, Spain, after experiencing a desolating breakup with his longtime girlfriend. Devastating post-traumatic anxiety and depression shadow Orlando’s ability to see the beautiful moments of life that surrounds him. Countless nightmares wake Orlando up, subconsciously telling him that he is running away from the deeply rooted insecurities inside of him. Orlando’s journey exemplifies how Cuban cigars, authentic sangria, and music help soothe his soul when he feels damaged the most. Through traveling with close friends to romantic cities such as Rome, Barcelona, and small Spanish pueblas, Orlando begins to let go and soak in all of the amazing qualities that life has to offer without even knowing it. Lamont’s strong relationships with these close friends are a catalyst for his desperate need of self-actualization and peace of mind. In the end, his relationships all the way from his close friends to a small restaurant owner guide the trust within himself to overcome his depression and worry that prohibits him from growing as a man. No Pasa Nada is complete and was started during my time studying in Madrid, Spain. I recently completed No Pasa Nada in November after I returned home, and had the opportunity for the novel to be edited by a local published author and editor, Ellie Roscher. No Pasa Nada is universal and timeless.