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Noddy in Wonderland

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

In his wildest dreams, Afghanistan war veteran Noddy Stoddart fantasised about becoming king of Liverpool, even though his brother, Knobby, told him he was crazy. But shooting government minister St John Jaunston in the bottom with an air rifle on a visit to the city leads bizarrely to Noddy’s dream coming true--as president of the newly created People’s Republic of Liverpool. Outraged as Noddy and his Goth/Punk girlfriend set Britain against him through further “bottom blasting” and then faux vampire actions before escaping to a castle in France, the prime minister initially threatens ancient punishments. But, facing Cabinet backstabbing and the loss of a general election, he succumbs to realpolitik and invites the miscreants home as voter bait. Mistake, because that’s when--with a little help from his friends, and the involvement of an elf and his dog, Noddy takes full advantage.
Bostock’s idiosyncratic, high-energy romp follows the escapades of young ex-soldier Noddy, who dreams of staging a Liverpudlian revolution and being crowned King of Liverpool. After committing the shocking crime of shooting a government minister in the bottom, Noddy is hounded across England by the press. Meanwhile, Noddy’s brother Knobby searches for Noddy, accompanied by a strange elf, Mordecai, who seems to know all about Noddy’s exploits. Bostock (Hand in Glove) deconstructs common fantasy tropes and pokes fun at the state of British politics with brisk, pointed satire. Liverpudlian culture provides an entertaining backdrop. Noddy and his girlfriend, Meryl, are believable and unique characters; their chemistry is delightful, and the rest of the idiosyncratic cast rounds out the story well. This refreshing novel disregards genre clichés, and is all the better for its insistence on self-definition. (BookLife)

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