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Northern Knights
Journey from the Playing Field to the Battle Field Imagine being a college athlete on the verge of turning professional only to see it slip away from your hands via a military draft to fuel an empire’s quest to rule the world. It’s exactly what happened to arrogant Cain Riscattare. It’s a story how a me-first individual saw a bigger picture, where the tyrannical nature of a government in a never-ending quest for empire saw a challenger ignite an uprising. It’s a story how a twenty-one-year-old discovered purpose in life isn’t what society can do to serve you, but what you can do to serve society. Get ready to experience Cain’s story, as he learns valuable lessons showing him true purpose means defending those unable to defend themselves, that the will to put your life on the line for those close to you, in hindsight, earns one more respect than carrying a ball down the field ever will.