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Ken Bist
Nostradamus Solved: The Great Quatrains and the Super Quatrains
Ken Bist, author

Nostradamus Solved is based on the discovery of the Great Quatrains and the Super Quatrains. It is a totally unique interpretation of the Nostradamus quatrains, which explains how WW3 comes about, and the role of terrorism in his messages. Nostradamus Solved will answer the following questions for the reader: What is the role of Russia and Terrorism in WW3? Will France be destroyed in WW3? What year will WW3 occur in the near future?Do I need to build my own Ark? Will President Obama be assassinated in 2018? Will the Chinese Economy crash, and in what year? How did Princess Diana die? Will Tibet achieve Freedom? Was Napoleon Murdered? Who will inherit the British Throne? Nostradamus answers all of these questions through the Great Quatrains.

There is also a specific Warning Message for France from Nostradamus.

Timelines are provided, which is unique among Nostradamus Literature.

Ken Bist is also the author of the new book The Nostradamus Method.