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Sean Murphy
Not To Mention a Nice Life
Sean Murphy, author
Byron is a real piece of work in progress: old enough to own his own condo, young enough to be unmarried but understand he’s not getting any younger. Between the deadening commutes and hours spent cheerleading for a company that’s perfected the art of layoffs, he struggles to make meaningful connections during the work days and especially after hours. There is solace in friendly banter with his few trusted colleagues and in supporting his one remaining close friend. But he begins to suspect the price for economic security is surrender. Despite feeling increasingly numb and restless, Byron is unwilling to settle for short-term fixes or resolutions he knows won’t satisfy him. He still has a heart and his sense of humor, which means he still has a chance for happiness. Right? NOT TO MENTION A NICE LIFE is a sardonic take on the demands and dubious spoils of a postmodern American rat race. It’s a compelling, comic, heartbreaking look at what we sacrifice in order to scale—or straddle—the corporate ladder in a new millennium.