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November Light


With a mother whose fragile emotional state caused her to retreat from her family.  A father overwhelmed by raising two children while trying to prevent his wife’s slow retreat from sanity –

Harry Williams childhood was one of desolation. His youth devastated by a catastrophic loss. His adulthood plagued by unbearable tragedies --  

And to numb the inescapable sorrows that haunt him, Harry Williams is compelled to relentlessly drive himself to accumulate fame, power, and wealth.

Yet, melancholy is his constant companion, his heart "constantly leaking sadness.”

Until he meets Alexandra Campbell who captivates Harry with her dazzling beauty, electrifying intellect, and an irresistibly enchanting free-spirited way of life.

But Harry’s fairy-tale love and seemingly perfect existence is shattered when Alexandra’s mind is ravaged by a debilitating mental illness that puts her in grave danger -- compelling Harry to commit an act of brutal violence to save his wife’s sanity – and protect their son from insanity.

But it is only after discovering it was Alexandra’s act of inconceivable heroism which saves their son from a lifetime of ceaseless sorrow that Harry realizes how futile and devoid of meaning, how self-absorbed and selfish his hedonistic life has been.

With Alexandra in a different world -- Harry is on the verge of emotional death, wandering in an emotional wilderness, not caring if he dies – until he faces the realization of who he should and could have been.

It is then that Harry Williams’ rebirth begins -- his shattered heart finally repaired.  His life, which has been little more than rootles drifting, finally meaningful.