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Ocean Born
From the beginning, three kings were bestowed the ability to commune with their souls and drawing on the power within they oversaw lifetimes of peace and prosperity. The longer they lived the greater they understood their abilities until one would create life. Corrupted by his greatness, his ways turned dark. One king and the world fell with him. Only the Ocean Born king could stand against the madness, but the cost would outweigh the benefit. A life for a life, replaced by Wrought. The Ocean Born were left with a young king, overburdened by the tribulations of those before him, and unwilling to force his will on the corruption of the land, he took his people into hiding, the power of the kings, their knowledge, the wondrous abilities of their people, all passing to myth. As my consciousness slipped away, I looked to the future, bestowing a final gift to the world, The Prophetics, but with no explanation, those who became the stewards could only guess at its purpose. Wrought and the darkness would slowly weave their way throughout the world, destined to enslave all, save for one glimmer, someone with a soul so unique, harboring unfathomable potential, and the only hope for the world… but potentially its greatest threat. Woe to the worlds, if the king shall fall.