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Ocean's Daughter
Growing up on Long Island, I’ve always taken the ocean for granted. As a teenager, I spent many days at Jones Beach with my friends. The sand and the surf were just a background to my adolescent life. We’d lay out our towels and bake in the sun, hoping the boys would notice our sun drenched bikini-clad bodies. By the time I reached my twenties, marriage took me away from New York to live in Georgia. Although I appreciated the lush green foliage, I missed the smell of the ocean, the salty air, and the churning waves along a sandy beach. For a long time, I felt homesick. After my divorce, I thought about moving back, but once you leave New York, it’s almost impossible to return. The cost of living is too high. Besides, I couldn’t handle the low-lying clouds. Some say, you need the cold weather to appreciate summer, but I’m not one of them. I need perpetual green to keep my emotions on an even keel. So, I moved to Vero Beach, Florida where the warm breezes of the ocean helped to calm my restless soul. I spend my mornings walking along the beach. Over the years, I have taken some interesting photos on the Treasure Coast. I’ve decided to share them in a book.