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Following a nasty split-up with his long-term partner, Doody Richards feels his broken heart will never heal, when—one night staring at his bedroom ceiling in the emptiness—suddenly decides to travel to Bali. Above of all, he has had enough of Sydney life; the glamour gay parties he lead and the superficial Sydney gay scene he lives in. So he gives up his job and flies to Bali in the hope of finding a little piece of heaven to settle his troubled soul. Beyond all expectation, he finds himself walk among green rice-fields as he discovers his spirituality through salsa in the breeze of Ubud. In the hustle and bustle of humid Seminyak streets, he encounters stories of human values that keep him alive. He regains his inner-piece mind through the genuine friendships, a little prayer and some unforeseen magic. Of Fire Water Earth reflects the three elements of Balinese Hindu belief. The indivisible three reside in each living individual. Fire symbolises passion and anger. Water purifies the impurity. Earth, often represented by flowers, is the ground from where being and entity are born and from which they depart. Of fire water earth is an intimate journey to let go the past, live the present and ook to the future with an open heart.