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Of Love and War
Of Love and War is divided into four parts: Fighting, Dying, Remembering, and Living. Each part represents a small chapter to the overall story of the book. Of Love and War is a mix of Free Verse, Prose, and Narrative poetry that gives specific focus to the combat stresses, PTSD, boredom, and losses associated with Jacob’s deployment to Iraq in 2005 as an infantry Marine. It also meshes a bold, intense, and sometimes unforgiving voice with that of a softer, gentler, and humorous tone love and the failings of. With great insight into the psyche of a warrior, and the deteriorating affects that war has on the body and mind, Of Love and War, is a book just as much about life, as it is about the struggles of combat. Full of wit, grit, honesty and sacrifice, Of Love and War brings a new, fresh, smack-you-right-in-the-face voice of a common man meant to experience extraordinary things.