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Olivia and the Land of Extra-Ordinary
Joy Williams, author
Olivia is a charming, bright eyed girl that wears pink bedazzled glasses. She loves everything about being a princess, from the gowns to the crowns! In fact, her mother has even told her she really is a princess, despite the kids at school telling her princesses do not wear glasses. Though she really wants to think her mother really knows what she is talking about, she can’t help but believe the kids at school and accept being a regular, ordinary, REJECT! But when Olivia accidently ends up in a land called Extra-Ordinary, she meets new friends and learns that being different really isn’t so bad at all. Before Olivia can return home, she must first find the missing princess, who has run away! Will Olivia accept what everyone else says she should be or will she dare to be Extra-Ordinary?