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Tracy Penfield
Author, Editor (anthology)
On Our Way: An Anthology of SafeArt
Tracy Penfield, editor (anthology)
At some point in our lives we all experience traumatic events - loss, illness, abuse or other harm. SafeArt believes people can heal through artistic expression and move forward. Over the past decade people of all ages have come to SafeArt workshops and created these original works of art. The poetry, song lyrics and short prose in this anthology reveal the strength that can come from moving through and sharing pain. Speaking and hearing these intensely personal truths can empower us to become active agents toward social change. This work was created with a vision of a world in which family violence and other abuses become as unacceptable as slavery. Each new action is another step On Our Way...
Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Director, VT Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

Individually, these works speak to the tragedy of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and the terrible pain that humans are capable of inflicting. But as a collection, On Our Way is a testament to the enduring dignity of the human spirit, to the incredible power of healing. That these words are largely written by children and young adults is both inspirational and amazing.