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On the Edge of Town
When Michael Barron and 6 year-old Emma move into an old Victorian house on the outskirts of a small town on the Nebraska prairie, they thought they had left the past behind. But the newcomers arouse curiosity and soon find themselves entrapped in the dark schemes of curious intruders who prowl around their house at night. Half-truths turn into malicious designs, misunderstandings collide with good intentions, as Michael faces those who threaten him. Only Tiffany, a young woman caught in a web of pain and hopelessness, stands by him. In a fateful night, innocent and not-so-innocent people face off, and events spiral out of control. When it is all over, somebody has paid the ultimate price. There is only one thing Michael can do now, and he cannot do it alone. To read this compelling and moving novel is to be swept up in the fate of people who are lonely and dejected, isolated in a forgotten town. When extraordinary events shake up their lives, they suddenly have a chance. Does goodness trump evil? Does compassion overcome selfishness? It all depends…

This book was fast-paced and easy to read. The characters grip you from the first page and you are instantly invested in the outcomes of each of them. The setting and the characters are so well developed you quickly forget that the story is one of fiction and instead wait with baited breath to learn the outcome of the main character's, Michael Barron, plight and soak up the juicy gossip worthy details of his glamorous pre-Junction City life just like the ladies waiting to get their hair done at the parlor.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a satisfying read that has it all: intrigue, suspense, romance, and above all a feel good fairy tale ending.