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adam fenner
On Two Fronts
adam fenner, author

When two unlikely friends are separated by war, they must learn to cope with the effect it will have on their lives, their futures, and their relationship.

Lance, a gay Las Vegas entertainer, who has never felt the effects of war, must come to grips with the reality of Adam’s deployment as he struggles with his own conflicting and complex emotions, and the lingering question of whether or not their friendship will survive… or if Adam will.

Adam, a veteran of the war in Iraq, must face a new threat in a new environment. Will he be able to endure the changing nature of his relationship with Lance and the constantly changing tactical environment presenting a daily threat upon his life and of his fellow soldiers?

On Two Fronts, written only moments after the events occur, tackles the reality of war on the most personal of levels. The reader follows Lance and Adam, living the story through their eyes, experiencing the constant fluctuating doubts and emotions and the extraordinary lengths friends will go to. It is told from their two perspectives to capture the honest human elements of war from the experience of someone on the ground and someone left behind.