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Once in a Lifetime

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Is it possible for a poor hash-house waitress to find love with a wealthy Irish horse breeder? Not as long as he thinks she conned his father into leaving her his cottage on the island of Inish Mor in the Aran Islands. To prove his assumption false, Samantha St. John sells her new inheritance to Kieran McDade for one Euro, receives his thank-you kiss on her cheek, and bids him farewell. Never expecting to see him again, she is surprised to receive his invitation and a plane ticket to Ireland. He’s had second thoughts and offers Samantha a holiday at his home on FastTrack Farm where she charms not only his race horse, but Kieran himself. For Samantha, it is like a fairy tale, complete with a wicked witch, an elegant ball, and a horse race that could decide whether her Cinderella story will have a happy ending.
Romantic Times

Contemporary Romance
Jayne Nichols
4 stars HOT

Nichols' debut in the Wish Fulfilled series is a heartwarming, sleeper love story that draws you in. While the plot is slightly predictable, it is packed with admirable characters, both human and equine. Readers will be captivated by the budding relationship between the lead characters and root them on as they overcome obstacles and fall in love.  

SUMMARY: Samantha St. John is a lonely, selfless waitress living in Rochester, Minnesota when she meets an old man in her diner and has lunch with him. That old man is not long for the world and two months later Sam is surprised to learn that he bequeathed his Irish cottage to her. When Kieran McDade visits Samantha to meet the woman that stole his inheritance, he is surprised by her generosity as she willingly sells the cottage back to him for one Euro. Kieran convinces Sam to visit him and the cottage in Ireland. During her visit, Sam discovers that Ireland holds many charms, including a man and his horse, and she may never want to leave. Kieran discovers that Sam is a gift from his father, and he may never let her go. (NICHOLS AND DYMES, Sept., 246 pp., $10.99)

Hope Piro

2013 Shiela Contest Final Rankings

Valley Forge Romance Writers announces the 2013 Sheila Contest Final Rankings.  First Place for Single Title goes to Once in a Lifetime by Jayne Nichols.



It is our great pleasure to inform you that you are a Winner in the 4th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards.  Your book truly embodies the excellence that this award was created to celebrate, and we salute you and your fine work.

Ellen Reid

President & CEO
Beverly Hills Book Awards