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Once Upon A [Stolen] Time
2015… All her life, Myra Farrow has been obsessed with medieval castles—and the kings and princes who once inhabited them. Now, wealthy videogame designer Steve Bernard wants her to model for a princess character in his new game. Myra can’t resist his offer, especially when she learns that Steve plans to film inside the mysterious Hue Castle—a cursed, barren, colorless place forbidden to visitors for centuries. But unknown to Myra, her soul is bound to Hue Castle by blood and sorcery. When she enters its doors, she awakens dark powers that will reach through time—stealing her past, torturing her present, and rewriting her future. 1415… Edward Hue, the last of the Hue royal bloodline, has never stood in the sunshine or held a living flower. Cursed from birth to live in darkness and bring death to all he touches, he is at the mercy of his cruel, tyrannical father, who will not rest until he shatters Edward’s soul and makes his son into a diabolical copy of himself. Edward’s one hope is the mysterious woman who haunts his dreams—who will either break his curse and bring him out of the darkness, or destroy him utterly. For Myra and Edward, past and future collide in a tale of love, obsession, betrayal, and the hope for redemption.

Heartwarming read that will make you realize that true love holds no bounds. Ms. Samreen did an amazing job in writing this book. From the start up to the last, I was addicted. The characters are great and the story is amazing. The main characters, Myra and Edward are easy to relate with. Myra, a woman from a good family is obsessed about fairytales and finding a prince charming. She’s sweet, full of life and very likeable. Edward, a man from the past and a Hue prince who was thrown in to an unpleasant life. He was forced to do things he despises but still hoping that someday, he will find a light that will make things for him bearable and hopeful. The story, when Myra got an opportunity to visit the mysterious castle, in which she was obsessed with, things get interesting. As the present collided with the past, mysteries will be revealed and an unexpected truth will rock everything that Myra knew. What I love about this book is that it’s full of mystery. I also love that I easily get attached to the characters and the story that I don’t want it to end! I’m for the next book and see what will happen next! Ms. Samreen just NAILED it!


4.3 Stars! At the outset, I’d like to say I just love the premise of this book and think it would make an awesome movie; producers and film makers please check out this interesting novel (first in a series).

Myra finds herself accidentally engaged to Steve, a young game software developer from a wealthy family who wants to have her model for his new game that he plans to shoot at the reportedly haunted Hue Castle. They investigate the ancient castle and while exploring the totally grey and lifeless structure, Myra starts to pick up visions and premonitions from a screened mirror.

The author runs two timelines, one in 2015, and one in 1415, set in the same castle. Myra and Steve are in 2015, and in the past, prince Edward lives horribly oppressed at the hands of his very cruel father and King, yearning for the love of the woman who haunts his nightly dreams.

While the storyline is fascinating, the writing style is a mixture of youngish YA, and advanced vocabulary (can you guess what caliginosity means?), along with philosophical quotes between chapters. I caught one anachronism when King Stefan in 1415 taps his cigar ashes into an ashtray 

The two male leads have interesting developmental changes. Steve completely changes his feelings for Myra from the start to end of the novel, though some of his evolution may be on account of a new revelation about him. Edward in 1415 appears to go in the reverse direction, from being hopeful to hopeless. Myra has a couple of important and perhaps scary revelations about herself that will definitely impact her in the next book.

Both past and present storylines are relayed from their respective POVs so we see things from Myra’s perspective, and then from Edward’s. The storylines are brought together at the cliff hanger ending but pose a new, possibly frightening, scenario for the next installment.

If you’re into cursed castles and love YA books, this novel is definitely worth checking out for the great atmosphere and inventive, haunting story. I think if Once Upon a (Stolen) Time was made into a film and shot with a lavish, classical hand, this would make an amazing movie. 4.3 Stars!

My thanks to the author for a reading copy. My review originally appeared at my blog here,


Once Upon A [Stolen] Time is about Myra Farrow living in 2015 in England and how a man named Edward Hue, living in 1415, came together. Myra is living life in England until one day when her mother sets her up with a video game designer Steve Bernard and he wants her to be in his video game and he plans to film in Hue Castle. Hue Castle has been on Myra's list of castles to visit but with it being forbidden this will be her only chance to get in. As Steve and Myra's mothers plan for a wedding that may never happen, something happens to Myra on the first day of being in the castle that sends her and Steve on this journey to figure out why is there a curse on the castle.

In 1415, Edward is the last in line to the throne but is not really wanting it due to the simple fact that his ancestors are tyrants due to the curse and he can't ever see himself being that way. As his story is being told along side with Myra's, secrets come out and big twist at the end will set it up for the next book in the series.

This book was hard to turn away from once you start reading it, it's that good. I loved how Samreen was able to keep both of their stories going without being overbearing to read and I can't wait to see how this series will end!!

Thank You to Samreen Ahsan for writing a fantastic start to a new series that should be made into a movie or tv series!!!

I received this book from the Author in exchange for a honest review.


Once Upon A (stolen) Time by Samreen Ahsan

Set in 2015 Myra was obsessed with medieval castles, Kings, Princes and such. A rich computer game designer wants her as part of his virtual game, and for her to go with him to Hue Castle. A place where she always wanted to go, even though it has been unoccupied for centuries and reported to be haunted. She is thrilled and accepts his offer, not worrying about any consequences.

Back in 1415, Edward Hue is the last of the Hue bloodline. He (and his family) have been cursed, to never see sunshine, to see his own reflection, or to fall in love. He lives under the reign of his tyrant and cruel Father, a man he despises and wants to be nothing like.

But Edward is haunted by dreams of a woman, he feels she will be the one to break the curse, or doom him to darkness and destruction. Then Myra and Edwards lives collide, but what will the outcome be? Love, obsession, betrayal and possibly redemption?

A fantastic original story. Cleverly told in alternating chapters from Myra's current day, to Edward's medieval times. With attention to detail and gripping prose, I was able to feel the emotions on every page. I really liked the blending of the two eras, and the secrets waiting to be revealed.

The story is intense with dramatic moments, and suspense. Overall I felt Once Once Upon A Stolen Time was an an enjoyable read and highly recommend to those who love Adult-Romantic-Fantasy. A definite five-star read!