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Once Upon a Zombie—Book One: The Color of Fear, features fourteen-year-old Caitlin Fletcher who suffers from agoraphobia and other debilitating anxieties. Caitlin is forced to confront the root of her phobias when she is pulled into the depths of a fairy tale world rapidly decaying into a zombie wasteland.
A zombie virus threatens fairy-tale characters—as well as those from the lore of Barrie, Baum, and more—in this fun mashup from Phillips and Nissenson. Between her mother’s disappearance and her own struggles with anxiety, 14-year-old Caitlin Fletcher just wants to fly under the radar at her new British prep school. She doesn’t succeed—Jack, a fellow new student, takes an interest in her, much to the annoyance of the school’s queen bee, Piper. After a prank orchestrated by Piper lands Caitlin and her younger sister, Natalie, in a graveyard on Halloween, the pair comes face to face with a zombified (yet surprisingly coherent) Rapunzel. While this Rapunzel still hungers for brains, she can keep her zombielike instincts in check; she warns that unless the sisters help defeat the Queen of Hearts, the fairy-tale world will fall victim to complete zombification. While the number of coincidences and lucky breaks helping the characters along causes some of the novel’s tension to fizzle, the authors provide a variety of memorable cameos and characters, living or otherwise. Ages 8–up. (BookLife)

The novel Once Upon a Zombie has racked up numerous awards and honors since its debut in October. Awards and honors include:* Best Juvenile Fiction from the Beverly Hills International Book Awards* Best Cover Design Fiction from the Beverly Hills International Book Awards* Best Pre Teen Book from the National Indie Excellent Awards* Best Young Adult Fiction at the Purple Dragonfly Awards* Best Juvenile Fiction at the FAPA President's Awards* Best eBook FAPA President's Awards* Named to Kirkus Review's list of Best Books of 2015