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Gus Kappler
Author, Illustrator
One Degree
Gus Kappler, author
It’s 1971. Recovering Vietnam War surgical patients are dying unexpectedly as a result of gangrenous septic infections. The culprit is unknown. The first clue, an abnormal white cell in Private Richard Burrows’ blood, is documented by Matt Rogowicz, a lab tech. His superiors at Walter Reed Army Hospital give no credence to this finding, and Richard suffers a gruesome death. After discharge from the Army, Matt develops PTSD when the vile disease becomes global. Guilt consumes him. He feels responsible for not pressing the issue with his superiors in defiance of the military culture. After rehabilitation from PTSD and attainment of a degree in journalism, Matt joins forces with four Vietnam Veterans. They had also encountered the same abnormal white blood cell and its inevitable fatal outcome. They enlist the involvement of others impacted by the disease. A prolonged emotional search ensues. Their journey uncovers that the culprit resulted from self-serving corrupt activity in Washington, DC, influenced by powerful corporate offices in New York City at 6000 Avenue of the Americas. Matt chronicles their arduous journey to its conclusion.