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One If

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

ONE DYING PLANET. TWO WORLDS AT WAR. THREE TEENS FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL. When Parker Kittridge, a quirky science student from New York City, is lured to her terrace by a frisky hummingbird, she slips and plunges 18 stories to the street and awakens in Spyridon, a planet destroyed by climate change and locked in civil war. Parker quickly discovers she is not alone. Two other teens have also been kidnapped and they must join forces to save the planet if they have any chance to return to Earth. The teens' struggle for survival is fierce: murders, deceptions, power plays, love triangles and magical fantasy elements make this a high-stakes, coming-of-age adventure pitted against a race with time.
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Awesome story. Extraordinary world-building. Makes you wonder about climate change... Unanimous five star reviews for One If:A Virago Fantasy by Carol B. Allen

YA Book of the Week

Librarian Media Specialist, North Bellmore NY

As a career librarian who has researched and selected books for public school libraries and large library systems, I have learned at the heart of good writing is an author who has something to say that people need to know. I highly recommend One If as a well-written, fast-paced YA Fantasy with a relevant message. One If will inspire gorls to embrace STEM, an important mission.The book also widens the lens on the impact of climate change, something we all need to know. The bonus—it's a great read and great fun!