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Nisa Ryan
Author, Illustrator
Nisa Ryan, author
Fourteen-year-old Marco Torres-Watanabe is the bearer of the cursed sword called Oni-waka. Having run away from home, Marco awakens to find himself in a world overrun by yokai – Japanese monsters of myth and legend. With the Oni Lord, Ibaraki, hounding him for the sword, Marco finds himself embroiled in a supernatural battle that he never intended to start much less seek to finish. With the help of a tengu warrior and a sly kitsune, Marco must save this world from the clutches of evil while also trying to find a way back home before he can never return. But when the sword begins to whisper promises that are both tempting and terrifying, Marco starts to question everything he thought he knew. What does Marco want more? A way home, or a way out?