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Online Schooling and the Modern Techniques of Today's Era
The concept of schooling has its roots to the Greek time. The term school is derived from the Greek word "Schole" which means the place of learning. Schooling is an essential part of human life which gives education to children and groom their minds for progress in society. Also, schooling makes them a noble and responsible citizen of the country, which, as a whole, benefits the country. The process of education and techniques of teaching have changed over time and is improving day by day.

In the last two to three decades, the world has changed rapidly because of the internet. Like many other institutions, schools systems have also adopted many modern techniques and methods to fulfil the requirements of the time. Online schooling has changed the concept of schooling. Before that, students have to go to the premises by any transport to attend their school to get educated. Students were also bound to be on time and punctuality is compulsory in it. But the concept of homeschooling is different from this and in homeschooling students do not need to go to physical premises, but their parents have to play the role of teachers at home, and they teach the class course at home. This concept gives the students the facility of learning at home, but these parents should be educated, and they have to give proper time for teaching. It is also a time taking and tough for the parents to manage time. Also, there is a problem that all the parents are not professional teachers, and maybe that may not be aware of modern educational techniques. They are not able to check the tasks and assignments critically as the professional teachers do. So the trend of homeschooling is not commonly used in the world.

In contrast to this, the online school system gives the flexibility of time and students can attend online classes. Modern online learning software provides the facility with responding to the teaching through chats, hand-raising options and the use of emoji. There are two parts of online schooling, live sessions and course work. In live sessions, the teacher can talk to students through a microphone, share videos and pictures, and also use a virtual whiteboard to clear the concept of the students. While in second part assignments and other tasks are given to the students for the course work. These assignments can be of research papers, essays or maybe discussions depending upon the topic. Students are bound to meet the deadline given by the teacher. Online school systems give you many advantages like the flexibility of time like you are not restricted to attend them on time, you can watch the recorded lectures. You can also repeat the lecture to get a better understanding of the topic.

Moreover, you do not need a car or a bus to reach the school, but just an internet connection is required to attend the online school. In addition to this, you can get extra sessions or one to one sessions with the teacher if you face difficulty in understanding the topic. Besides all these advantages there are some disadvantages as well. Like online schooling, communication is hard because most of the communication depends on texts which are more difficult than communicating face to face. Secondly, it takes time to understand the online learning software because it is not easy for everyone to follow to interface quickly and especially for young kids to operate it effectively. The American School in Switzerland was established in 1956 by MrChirst Fleming to fulfil his dream of American boarding school in Europe. He wanted to prepare students for American colleges and universities to introduce them with European culture and language. Today the American School in Switzerland has more than 700 boarding students from more than 60 nationalities and about 250 students from them between the ages of 12-19 years. As the students are from more than 60 countries, they have a chance to know about 35 languages, native tongues, and different cultures from across the world. Hence, they get a sense of harmony, and they get a chance to be a citizen of the world regardless of the borders, tongue and cultural differences among them. The American School in Switzerland provides all the modern facilities of education and extracurricular activities to its students. It adopts all the advanced techniques of learning which meet the requirements of the contemporary world. Because of the facilities and the noble mission of American School In Switzerland, students want to be a part of this school and learn from this institution.