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The Sweeping History of the Anishinabe Three Fires of Southeast Michigan, Michigan, Ontario, and beyond. The Northwest Territory tribes, governments, states, and territories, connected to the Detroit Strait and Great Lakes. The great hole and puzzle of complex and difficult history hidden and scattered due to time, many name changes and boundary changes. Amazing, In-depth, solid, extraordinary groundbreaking History and Culture. A vast amount of research clarifies and reveals the inaccessible puzzle of Indian History. A Reference Treasury!
William Horman, Founder Sunnyfields Botanical Park

Wow! You really did it---made our world better!  Once I got over at least partially, the realization of your noble,  worthy, scholarly and needed textual accomplishment, so attractively presented and easy to follow, especially having an appealing and inviting index—keyes to open so many different elements of what is important to know- a pathway to their lives and truth,---I set the book down to let your gift to me and to humanity, set in. I picked up your account, still happily dazed by what you so well succeeded at. I was surprised for pages and pages—the words and thoughts you convey flow beautifully, carrying the reader on a fascinating journey—to create a significant and masterful portrait of the Indians of S.E. Michigan and outward. I am excited to have the opportunity to venture along the course you set, that will be enriching and lasting.

A writer must be strong and brave. So much of an author is revealed about their soul—to the world. Thanks for your courage, determination to enlighten, to shed a beacon on a civilization of locals who had no choice but to be subject to we invaders—resulting in their suffering and near vanishment, usually reflecting the worst of our own ancestors and our governments hideous rites. Is both the history of our predecessors and history of budding  nation that is even now less than ideal. (tho I’d again offer my life for its survival).

 I’m very grateful, your words attach your terrific book, prominently and close as I absorb the truth you share, of strong interest to me.

What a monumental achievement! Congratulations and I’m indebted beyond repayment forever.

About jealousness and pathetic expressions of others …. Greatness attracts such envious feelings and knowingly unable to rise to the magnitude of heights you have been inspired (& empowered) by God to reach-your ambition in partnership with Him for all of us—your gifts, is surely making our God happy, and sure to be embraced today and longer than we can even imagine.

You survived the ordeal of producing a special, valuable, truthful, educational, entertaining, pleasurable, treasured revelation that can only be considered as very well done, needed, valuable and loved.

You dared to dream big-time!

 If it was easy, more people would attempt the climb to the summit, which you reached.

Stop! Rest!  While at the top, enjoy the super-view you earned.

Most people would never make it to the top.

 As I sense in close relationships, as in that of both of you - feelings of one are part of the other. You both worked hard to create the wonderful      “Ottissippi”   Celebrate!     You did something great!

Thanks again, I’ll see you in the pages….



A reporter asked Babe Ruth if he was upset when people booed when he came to the plate,

 “Oh Hell No”, he quickly quipped”. 

I’d be upset if they remained quiet. Obviously they care enough about me to have an opinion!

You are STRONG. You worked to uncover the truth, not to win a popularity contest, which can be real hollow. Your book will be recognized.