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Earl Robinson
our road to adoption 'the story of our family and the great family of God'
The book chronicles our adoption process which spanned many years and the Atlantic as Americans living in the UK. During the whole process I blogged and the book is a combination of the blog, reflection and Biblical perspective of family and adoption. Our path to adoption was a long and winding one. It was full of excitement, amazing news and quick moving decisions. It was also fraught with difficulty, waiting and at times sadness. We were never alone in the quest, our families, churches and friends were there in full support from the beginning. Our story is one of family, not the memories our family has created rather the memories of becoming family. For us the most important part of our story has been the journey of the adoption process, what we experienced and how we felt about those experiences. This is not a story about how to do the process, what the best practice is and which forms to fill in, rather it is a story written in real time with the emotion you’d expect from the ups and downs of the process. Our story is not the only one shared within these pages, there is a great family of God who is written about consistently throughout the Bible. Journey and the meaning of a name are often part of the Biblical story. I’ve attempted to tell the story of family and the thread of adoption by starting with Abraham and following all the way to the letters of the Apostle Paul.