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Over the Horizon
Jean Watters, author

Maya journeys through multiple dimensions searching for her future. But will she know her destiny when she finds him?

On the brink of death, Maya and Jack are transported to the International Consciousness Agency. The citizens of planet Caeruleum know it as the ICA.  Aquarius—Jack’s ex-girlfriend and ICA director—executes shocking experiments on dying human subjects.

In another dimension, the messenger promises Maya a future worth hoping for if she can change the way she thinks. Maya arrives at a small village on the planet Surrex. Struggling to assimilate into a society she doesn’t understand, she reunites with her past and faces the greatest battle of her life.

On Earth, Maya finds Jack once again and experiences profound Déjà vu but will she know what’s real?



5.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Read!

Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2020

Take yourself on a journey through the cosmos in "Over the Horizon".

"Over the Horizon" is part transdimensional love story, part cerebral Mary Shelley-esque horror sci-fi, part philosophical examination of the nature of humanity, the story is all thrilling and will keep the reader guessing though its liquid twists and turns with just enough questions to keep you eagerly reading. I couldn't put it down - highly recommended!