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Pains and Gains of Academic Writing Book Review
Mike Langer, author
Though hundreds of non-fictional books appear every day, a book from an academic writing service is an unusual event. I’ve bought this book here and would like to tell you about my impressions. The main question I want to discuss is whether this book is worth reading or not. Who is going to treat this book as useful? And, why is this book useful for both students and professors?

A Few Words About The Essence of a Book

The book under the title “Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” describes several cases from a life of an academic writing service. For more than 15 years of activity these people have gathered a lot of exciting stories. Thirteen of them were printed. So, in a book, you’ll find:
Different stories, or case studies if you want, describing real situations happening in the sphere of academic writing.

  • Useful tips and recommendations concerning academic writing.
  • Information about how such services work, their merits, demerits, and reasons to use them.
  • Explanations concerning writing styles and peculiarities of academic papers you should know to write perfectly.
  • Different study and working tips.
  • Let’s move on to the essentials of the review.

    Who Should Read This Book Immediately?

    From the first glance, I can name at least three groups of people who need this book on their shelves. They are students, beginning writers, and those who are going to enter colleges and universities.
    Students facing different problems with academic writing and potential clients of the writing service will appreciate reading. In each of thirteen chapters, they will find the clues to the majority of their problems. In my opinion, the most valuable achievement of the book for students is revealing the fact that a writing service is not an illegal or bad thing. Every page is about real people facing different problems, from a simple writing block to a complex trouble with time and too difficult tasks. The book helps to understand that even the most difficult assignment can be solved.
    Beginning and practicing writers will find it useful as well. This book is a rare opportunity to learn how the process is done from inside and how professionals work. If you plan to connect your life with academic writing, or just love writing as a hobby, Pains and Gains are a must for you.
    Finally, those who are going to enter colleges, will learn much about their future trials. Explanations and tips on how to write, what kinds of academic papers are there in nature, and how to write a truly perfect essay - everything is inside. Who else can be interested? To say the truth, everyone. The book is written in a simple language, with a portion of good humor. The topic is not that usual. It can be an interesting relief for all non-fiction lovers.

    Practical Features of a Book

    Now, a book is available in Kindle format, i.e. electronic version. I hope soon they’ll print it in paper. All 172 pages can be read in hours. However, it is not a book for one evening in a cozy armchair. You’ll read and reread it several times, according to your needs. Though it is a set of stories, without any highlighted practical guides, instructions, and algorithms, a thorough reader will find them. What is more, the book is not only a writing guide. It is a guide to thorough and well-executed customer service. Each chapter is a separate case of how a client was treated by an online company. These relationships are not stressed, but everyone working in the corresponding sphere, will find much information to consider.


    At first, I was a bit sceptical about a purchase. How a book delivered by an online service can change my life. However, after reading my mind changed. The authors managed to combine both theoretical and practical issues of the academic writing sphere. They covered them into a light and easy-to-read format. The book appears to be both useful and interesting, without a word of excessive information. In the end, the only thing you’ll be frustrated about is a small number of chapters. I wish the book were twice longer!
    In my humble opinion, the book is definitely worth reading. If you concern the sphere of academic writing, it is a must buy. If you just look for good non-fiction, you’ll not regret a choice. It is a piece of very specific information that you will hardly find somewhere else. Of course, the book is not a life-changing work. However, it can catch your attention and give birth to some essential thoughts.

    A Few Words About Authors

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