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Pangerath Enter The Dark Wizard
Warren Clyde, author
Pangerath, a magically hidden continent in the oceans of modern day man. The Prophecy A land quenched by blood and tears, Begets a child of dark and light A seed nurtured, by witch’s white. Four by four does time progress, The seed now grown Then torn, from loving breast. With friends and family The lands fate, as his does rest A soul divided by dark and light. Upon this boy’s burdened plight. THE PROPHECY TWO Born of two sides A boy arrives. Unknown his father, His fate; survives. Evils grip shall be undone By a boy born A witch’s son. A young novice wizard, Tristan, raised as a white witch, and his best friend Yedda, also raised as a white witch, in the hidden all female white witch community of Treeden, in the magical forest of Pangerath. Are forced from their way of life, from their home and their sisters. Sisters, who are put to slavery by a malevolent sorcerer Malus. bent on subjugating all of Pangerath Tristan and Yedda, along with two brownies Spri and Kri, must travel the lands in search of allies who would stand against this evil.Hearing of the all powerful ancient wizards on Hellwyn Mountain, they decide, even though the journey is far and could be treacherous.that it is they they should seek out for help. Truths will be revealed, friendships will be tested. Will his soul keep to his righteous path, or shall he succumb to darkness, destroying all he holds dear behind? Will they ever again see their sister witches, their home... Can they truly make a difference and bring peace back to PANGERATH. The mold of a boy has been cast. It is now time for life to sculpt into a man.