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Paperback Book Details
  • 05/2016
  • 9781532740534 B01FPAA5P4
  • 422 pages
  • $19.99
Part of the Family: Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust

Adult; History & Military; (Market)

In 1938 and 1939, via a movement known as the Kindertransport, thousands of Jewish children were taken from Nazi occupied territories to safety in Great Britain. They came to a new family, a new country, and a new life. Approximately 250 of these children were sponsored by Christadelphians. 

Often the Holocaust is considered in terms of statistics: how many perished and how many were affected, so much so that at times the individual stories are lost in the numbers. This series examines the experiences of the individuals who came to England as children and lived with Christadelphians. 

Ten of these child survivors, and their families, participated in the effort to bring about this first volume. 

These are their stories.

AmazonJavaJunkie - One of Amazon's Top Reviewers

AmazonJavaJunkie is one of Amazon's top 500 reviewers. They just posted a 5 star review of Part of the Family.

BlueInk Review

BlueInk Review has given Part of the Family a strong review!

Foreword Clarion Reviews

"Part of the Family recalls the terrors of the Holocaust while commemorating heroic humanitarian efforts that saved lives. It illuminates the Christadelphian faith as well as the resilience of the Jewish people. It's a welcome addition to Holocaust history and literature." - ForewordClarion Reviews


IndieReader Reviewed Part of the Family and gave it five stars!

Kirkus - Starred Review!

Kirkus rated Part of the Family with their prestigeous star, calling it "An invaluable illumination of small acts of astonishing bravery and generosity in the darkest days of war."


See the link below for the full text of the review.


Readerviews reviewed Part of the Family and featured it this week!

Sara Ellis - One of Amazon's Top Reviewers

Sara Ellis, one of Amazon's top 500 reviewers, gave a five star review to Part of the Family.

The Hungry Monster Book Review

The Hungry Monster is a large book-reviewing blog. It just gave Part of the Family five stars!

Trieditall - One of Amazon's Top Reviewers

Trieditall, one of Amazon's top 100 reviewers, just recently gave Part of the Family a five star review!

Whispering Stories Book Blog

Part of the Family was recently featured on the "Whispering Stories" book blog!

ZenSunrise - One of Amazon's Top Reviewers

ZenSunrise, one of Amazon's top 500 reviewers (one of their top 10 in the UK!), recently gave Part of the Family a five-star review.

"Part of the Family" awarded Honorable Mention

Part of the Family has been awarded an honorable mention at the Southern California Book Festival!

"Part of the Family" awarded Honorable Mention

Part of the Family awarded "Honorable Mention" at the Great Midwest Book Festival!

"Part of the Family" awarded second place!

Part of the Family was awarded second place in history/science for the Readerviews awards 2016!

"Part of the Family" featured in Canada!

The Part of the Family book and project was featured in "Winnepeg Jewish Review."

"Part of the Family" Featured in the Ventura County Star

The author of Part of the Family - Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust was interviewed and featured in an article by the Ventura County Star. 

"Part of the Family" has gone free today in the Kindle Store!

From August 8-11th, Part of the Family will be free in the Kindle store. Enjoy!

"Part of the Family" included in the Huffington Post's list of Best Books of 201

"Part of the Family" has just been listed on the Huffington Post's Best Books of 2016!

It's one of two books in the history section!

"Part of the Family" just named the Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2016

The Beverly Hills book awards have named "Part of the Family" the best new non-fiction book of 2016!

"Part of the Family" Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2016

Part of the Family named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2016

"Part of the Family" wins at the Florida Book Festival

Part of the Family has won the "General Non-Fiction" category at the Florida book festival!

"Part of the Family" Wins Silver

Part of the Family has just won silver in non-fiction for the Wishing Shelf Awards!

Author Interview with the Hungry Monster Book Review

The Hungry Monster Book Review put together an author interview for Part of the Family. It looks deeper into some of the questions that were not explicitly answered by the book. Check it out!

Interview with one of the "Part of the Family" Holocaust survivors!


Mrs. Ursula Meyer was kind enough to meet with us and tell us her story. Her full story is shared in chapter 3 of the book.

Mrs. Rella Adler, the 10th Story in "Part of the Family" Met With Us for a Video

Mrs. Rella Adler was kind enough to share her story with us on video. The interview is around 5 minutes long.


Her story can be further detailed in the book "Part of the Family - Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust." 

Part of the Family chosen as a Runner Up!

Part of the Family was chosen as a Runner Up for the 2016 London Book Festival!

Part of the Family covered by Breaking Israel News

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, a reporter for Breaking Israel News, covered the way in which faith motivated the Christadelphians to save Jewish children during the Holocaust.

Part of the Family featured on the Echoes and Reflections Blog!

Echoes and Reflections is a program born out of a partnership between Yad Vashem, the Anti-Defamation League, and the USC Shoah Foundation, and is designed to help teachers learn how to best teach the Holocaust in their classrooms.


They posted the Part of the Family story on their blog.

Part of the Family Has Made It to Australia! - Featured on "Jews Down Under"

"Jews Down Under," a Jewish news site based in Australia, has just featured the Part of the Family project on their website!

Part of the Family mentioned by the Shoah Foundation

The Shoah Foundation, the Holocaust institute with over 51,000 video interviews of Holocaust survivors, has taken notice of the Part of the Family project!

Part of the Family was featured on "Locals Only" talkshow!

The way in which Christadelphians helped to shelter and save Jewish children from the Holocaust was picked up this morning on the "Locals Only" talkshow. The show described the love and security that these children often felt with the Christadelphian families.

Staying Jewish Against All Odds

Rella Adler, whose story is the 10th told in Part of the Family, was interviewed by, one of the largest Jewish websites in the world.

This project featured on BBC radio!

On April 16, the BBC put together a program on Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, this "Part of the Family" project, and the discovery of the identities of two mysterious children in a 1939 home movie.

Paperback Book Details
  • 05/2016
  • 9781532740534 B01FPAA5P4
  • 422 pages
  • $19.99