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Heckery Dekkery Dog is a traveling reporter doing research on endangered species, but he’s otherwise known as Rufus, a Havanese. Rufus is especially interested in saving endangered species because his breed almost became extinct. He wants to understand why there’s an endangered species list, so he goes on a world-wide assignment to interview endangered species and find out what he can do to help. The first animal he meets is Peace Hippo who becomes Rufus’s traveling companion. The two travel to India to meet a tiger and China to meet a panda, and they learn how the Masai are using their highly developed tracking skills to protect lions. They also learn how bees are helping elephants behave in Africa. Finally, Rufus meets a rhinoceros who loves Shakespeare. All of the animals have good advice for anyone wanting to help in the conservation effort to save endangered animals from extinction.
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Cheryl Davis Hornung’s children’s animal book, PEACE, HIPPO! and other ENDANGERED ANIMALS Too!, is filled with photographs, marvelous illustrations and a wealth of information on endangered animals and their environments. While it’s obviously a children’s book, it’s actually a lot more than that. I was impressed with the amount of information contained in this book, and the entertaining and highly accessible way in which it is presented. PEACE, HIPPO! and other ENDANGERED ANIMALS Too! introduces conservation and practical ways kids can make a difference, and it includes links to a number of kids’ science and environmental sites. There's also a comprehensive list of readings. I learned a lot reading this book and had fun doing it. Now I'm looking forward to finding out what we can do right here to help out. PEACE, HIPPO! and other ENDANGERED ANIMALS Too! is most highly recommended.