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Perceived Threat

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Author and speaker Annalisa Vermeer has a radical message for her listeners with potentially far-reaching effects. As she advocates for fewer laws, no lobbyists or political parties, and respect for constituents’ opinions, she attracts the attention of powerful enemies in DC . . . some who would prefer to see her dead. Amid a mounting string of verbal and possible physical attacks, Annalisa fears for her safety, but refuses to back down from her advocacy. Her continuing push for her cause pushes someone to the brink and they try to kill her, which commences an investigation by Metro Police Detectives Quinn Thomas and Catalonia Garza. As the detectives wade through potential suspects, their list only gets longer. Could the culprit be Representative Sylvia Rossman, a firm adherent of political parties and influential PACs, or her loyal legal advisor David Hawkins? Or Pennsylvania Senator Sid Dobbins, a staunch politician entrenched in the status quo and determined not to lose one iota of power? When a person caught up in another attempt on Annalisa’s life ends up dead, the evidence does not lead to the murderer . . . until an innocuous comment proves to be just the clue to crack the case. This debut novel takes us on a thrilling ride through DC’s power corridors, and offers an electrifying look at a hero refusing to accept the status quo. It also offers a chilling insight into the consequences for heroic acts.
Perceived Threat Receives a New York Book Festival Award

On June 19, 2015, Perceived Threat received a New York Book Festival award in the general fiction category at the Grolier Club in Manhattan. Less than 5% of the books entered in the competition receive an award and the criteria for the awards is that the author has outstanding storytelling in the book and the book is deserving of wider public recognition.