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Peter Von Sholly, illustrator
PETE VON SHOLLY'S HISTORY OF MONSTERS is a study in words and pictures on the creation and evolution of monsters in cultures the world over. It covers a chronological progression of images and names from mythology and folklore through fiction, animation, movies, cryptozoology. Pete is the author and illustrator. The book features over 1100 different monsters in full color. Entertaining and informative with genuine history and information on the phenomenon of "monsters"; what they, why we make them and why we love them.
Illustrator Von Sholly (Dinosaurs These Days) gathers monsters from mythology, cryptozoology, and popular culture in this thoroughly addictive and beautiful full-color book featuring 18 plates filled with 1,100 creatures from Aztec, Celtic, Norse, Japanese, and many more cultures. A silhouette key provides the name and origin of each monster. According to Von Sholly, a monster must be something unknown and unreal; as soon as it is known, it ceases to be a monster. The book covers mystical creatures throughout history, from classical Greece and Rome (cyclops, Cerberus) and the Dark Ages (Grendel, succubus) through the unnatural creatures created during the Age of Science (Frankenstein, Dracula). Von Sholly excels with his extensive research of monsters from literature (Cthulhu, Nazg├╗l), film (King Kong, Morlock), and classic television (the Munsters). Readers may be familiar with the minotaur and the troll, but what about the Jewish ziz or the African gbahali? The enthusiastic reader can spend hours cross-referencing the keys with recognizable and obscure monsters. Color illus. (BookLife)