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Elisa Atlin-Fleener
Pigsquealia And The Biggest Cabbage
Pigsquealia lives on Fine Friendly Farm in Palmer, Alaska, where the sun shines almost 24 hours a day and vegetables grow to enormous proportions! Pigsquealia was born with only a squeal and not an oink. He is proud of his squeal until he shares it with the other farm animals, and they bully him away. Ashamed Pigsquealia hides in the cabbage patch and promises himself to never squeal again. But thieves show up that night to steal the biggest cabbage (that Farmer Fine was planning to enter into the Biggest Cabbage Contest at the state fair) hoping at the Alaska State Fair they will win the Biggest Cabbage Contest prize money and ribbon. Pigsquealia realizes he needs to alert Farmer Fine and stand up for what is right. This sets Pigsquealia up on an adventure of self discovery. Pigsquealia is a whimsical, rhyming adventure told by moose reporter, Gab, who meets Pigsquealia while on assignment. The book is anti-bullying themed and celebrates farm animals and children who have the courage to be themselves, accept others as they are, and knowing being different is their superpower. Children will have a squeal of a good time reading Pigsquealia and The Biggest Cabbage.