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Pimpology: The Macking Game

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

WATCH YOUR DAUGHERS! The Pimps are on the prowl. In 2016, statistics revealed that 5,551 young ladies were victimized by the commercial sex industry. Pimpology: The Macking Game exposes the reality of the Sex-Trafficking Game.  Sex-Trafficking traps young ladies into a life of prostitution. As we all know, the art and profession of controlling a group of adorable females is called the game. Hence, the Macks themselves are known as players. Learn the pimps' strategies. In Pimpology: The Macking Game, York Martin III and DeVan Brittenum reveal why a girl succumbs to a Mack and mentally submits to the Sex-Trafficking game. Pimpology: The Macking Game is a novel about the chilling life of a big time major league Mack who was born and raised in the ghettos of Orange Mound in Memphis, Tennessee.  Follow York as he uncovers the Game.