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Nawazish Ali
Author, Editor (anthology)
Planet of the herakoses
Nawazish Ali, author
This book tells the story of the remnant of human race living in a distant planet in far future. The life on planet earth was destroyed by a Gama ray burst and these colonists on the planet here called planet of the herakoses are all that remained of human race. In the beginning this colony thrived but after the destruction of human civilization on earth it fell on hard times and vanished. the survivors dispersed and took to the forests and wilderness to make a living but over next several thousands of years they learned and adopted to their new environment. This novel starts with a young man called Mekaul, who lives in a small town near a river. He meets a scholar traveling through the lands looking for the lost books of knowledge and seek to discover new lands. He become a friend to this wise man and accompanies him on this journey. They travel over wild lands, crossing the rivers, forests and mountains to reach a land which was ruled by living Goddess.