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Point Zero
Simon J.B., author
A fabulous feel-good read in a delightfully written novel that not only entertains and enthrals, but also solves the lifelong mystery of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Some youthful professors befriend bohemian types, and challenge the very existence of dark energy and the big bang theory, while taking you on a light-hearted excursion into their world of gaiety and mayhem. *The world as you know it could be all about to change* The story of an infinite universe dispels the big bang theory in a hedonistic adventure, full of buffoonery, that will tickle you in all the right places from beginning to end. With scene depictions and characterisations that will have you wanting to travel to the chronicled neighbourhoods and meet and befriend the bourgeois, stoic or fatuous cast. A timeless novel laced with drama, romance, horse play and monkeyshine.
Suzanne Mulvey. Commissioning Editor at Pegasus Publishers

I feel the work is well written and has a good chance of success in the market place.