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Pop The Clutch
Not all people need a second chance at love. Some need a second chance at life. I was the high school dream: cheerleader, star of the soccer team, bake-sale champion. But one night, I made a bad decision, and the entire world found out about it. Easton Cole was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks dealing with the worst sort of betrayal, just as much the cliché as I was. Someone I hadn’t interacted with other than a single dance in middle school…until I’d needed to. But then I’d run, promising never to come back. A promise I held as sacred for almost ten years. One month was what I’d promised—thirty days in the place where my teenage self had imploded on a web-based stage. I hadn’t been expecting to feel a connection to the town I’d avoided for so many years, and I definitely hadn’t been prepared to find myself spending time with someone like Easton Cole. Or falling for him. Thirty days was all it took to turn my entire world upside down. Again. But this time, Easton wouldn’t be able to save me. He’d be my downfall.
The sweet and spicy first contemporary romance in Harte’s Second Gear series is an ode to second chances. Violet Foster never intended to return to Downriver, Mich., the small town where she spent her traumatic youth, but after her grandma is diagnosed with cancer, she agrees to come home for a month to help out. A sex tape of Violet as a teenager was circulated when she was in high school, making Violet feel like the town pariah. Though she tries to stay as isolated as possible, Violet runs into her middle school crush, Easton Cole, who still lives in town and, as the owner of the local auto shop, has deep roots in the community. Though Violet can’t wait to get out of Downriver, and Easton has no plans of leaving, the pair can’t resist their mutual attraction and enter into a romance that both assume will be doomed. Harte’s characterization of Easton successfully walks the thin line between alpha male and jerk, and his unwavering support of Violet is sure to endear him to readers. The sexual tension that develops between this down-to-earth couple as they navigate their history and look toward their future makes this a promising series opener. (Self-published.)