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Poseidon's Storm Blaster (The Legend of Pineapple Cove #1)

Children/Young Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Pineapple Cove is just like any other island town. Well, except for one thing... It has a secret. One that Kai and Delphi must uncover if they hope to save their town from a dangerous threat. Will Kai and Delphi uncover the secret in time to save their town?

The book features more than enough action and adventure to keep kids spellbound right to the end, but also ensures that they learn some valuable life lessons. To top it all off, Poseidon's Storm Blaster is also filled with beautiful illustrations. 

Readers' Favorite

This story is about friendship, kindness, bravery, team work, and adventure. Children will love reading about the hurdles and challenges Delphi and Kai encounter while they go in search of the Storm Blaster, which is the only thing that can help them save Pineapple Cove. The illustrations by Nathan Moncao are colorful and lively, and they make the story even more appealing and captivating to young readers.

All the characters are well portrayed and both Kai and Delphi are endearing children who convey good messages to readers through their conduct and behavior. It is a fun read that will encourage children to explore. The hidden pineapple game in the story is a bonus and makes the book interactive and interesting.

The nautical theme, the adventures, and the whimsical narration make it an exciting story and I am sure that, like me, young readers are eagerly waiting for the next volume.