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Kris Kaiser
Kris Kaiser, author

Complaints are pouring into the FDA headquarters in Washington regarding a shocking number of suicides resulting from a new antidepressant called Cecilimate hawked on late-night TV - a time when people with depressive tendencies struggle the most.

Matt Sizemore is one of those people. He's thirty-seven, wallowing amid the rubble of his failed marriage and bad investments. But when this broken man starts taking his new meds, he gains psychological abilities that both empower him and torture his sleep, and he sets off on a journey, pursuing his expanded visions that 'draw' him to places and into events he has 'seen' before.

The potential unraveling of the world as we know it has secret government agencies and rogue scientists locked in a race to find the elusive Mr. Sizemore as he follows his quest for freedom...


"The intriguing tale brings the reader into a world of human scientific study completely unknown by the public. Once you dive into this thriller, you won't want to stop reading, and you won't have to with two more volumes yet to be released."