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Project Nephili
T L Farmer , author

The remains of a hundred-year-old lynching are found buried in the garden of Georgia's State Psychiatric Hospital--huge bones, a bullet hole in the back of the skull. The hospital stands on the grounds of the old Blythe Civil War plantation and the family has controlled the town's secrets with an iron fist for two centuries. Reporter Angie McDowell, paralyzed by insecurity and alcoholism. stumbles on the story of her life. She enlists the help of her former lover agent Blake Childs. Together they find evidence of an obsession by the plantation owners, through hybrid breeding, to create the perfect slave. Their investigation take them down a mad dash into Civil War History and an enigmatic archaeologic dig in Israel, all the time risking their lives, threats coming form those who guard the secret.

At the outset of Farmer’s fast-paced thriller, Angie McDowell’s boss at the Blytheville Express sends the dogged reporter to investigate Blytheville State, a Georgia psychiatric hospital, after the Department of Health and Human Services threatens to close the facility for mismanagement, a move that would put many locals out of work. Angie soon learns that the hospital zealously guards its secrets and that all copies of a history written by a former chaplain, who worked there for almost three decades, have disappeared. The rumors about what was going on at the hospital include claims that Martin Luther King’s assassination followed word that he was about to push for a federal probe into Blytheville State. Farmer consistently maintains the intrigue of the opening sections and doles out teasers at regular intervals, including references to the mysterious Watchers and Angie’s encounters with Sallie, a six-fingered ghost. (BookLife)
John Hough Jr.

Project Nephili is a southern gothic thriller, but it is much more than that. Tim Farmer has gone all the way into America's heart of darkness and far beyond, and he has done it with a relentless honesty that I would call courage. He has also written a marvelous story of personal redemption. I fell in love with Angie McDowell, the newspaper reporter with a drinking problem. Her search for the story--Mr. Farmer's story--will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is an ambitious novel that succeeds on all levels.

John Hough Jr.  award winning author of Seen the Glory and Little Big Horn

Kirkus Reviews

In Farmer’s debut novel, an alcoholic reporter’s investigation of an old psychiatric hospital unearths many more complex and disturbing mysteries, blending American history, African mythology, mystery and Southern Gothic drama.Angie McDowell is working on a story about Blytheville State Hospital, a mental institution in Georgia that, before the Civil War, had been a slave plantation. As she begins digging into the hospital’s past, she discovers some disturbing evidence that the plantation owner had been obsessed with evolution and trying to create a hybrid race through regulated breeding. She also begins experiencing visions of what seems to be the ghost of a giant slave woman, Sallie, who has six fingers on each hand and communicates with Angie in hopes that she can be the one to finally put right all the wrongs that had been perpetrated against blacks on this seemingly cursed property. She enlists the help of Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Blake Childs, a former lover of hers, and the two go down a veritable rabbit hole that involves the history of the Blythe family, their slaves, a mysterious undertaking called “Project Nephili” and an archeological dig in Israel. All the while, they cross paths with incredibly dangerous people and risk their lives to uncover the truth. Farmer has crafted an often taut, tense page-turner with an impressively large scope, not only expanding the story to international boundaries but dipping into flashbacks going all the way back to Africa in 1805 and stretching throughout the pre– and post–Civil War eras in the American South. Ultimately, the story incorporates elements biblical, mythological and even paranormal. Although the characters, particularly the shadowy villains, tend to remain more archetypal than fully fleshed out, this debut is a strong first effort marked by ambition and heart. In addition to its eeriness and suspense, it’s also incredibly humane, rendering even the more gonzo revelations palatableA gripping mystery with historical and speculative-fiction flourishes that should captivate fans of all three genres.