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prosperity cipher
Prosperity Cipher, is a combination of the spiritual business of life that has been taught through the worlds greatest leaders along with her own analyzations, and decoding. Mutambo explains through great detail how these concepts have created more prosperity and business in her own life. Picking apart the topics to help people elevate themselves to a greater extent than what has been taught before. The guide is not a response to how others achieved success or went from rags to riches, but instead an exploration of infinite possibilities we all have within us. Author Mutambo explains with great effort the process of consciously shifting from a life of lack and a self imposed poverty mindset to a more peaceful, abundant and fulfilling life that includes traveling the world, launching a business, and doing the absolute impossible all with a development in mindset. At the center of a life that consisted with hard work, pay check to pay check and no room to grow, Mutambo resolved the issue of lack by creating opportunities of residual income, diversifying the channels of income and growing herself spiritually. The prosperity cipher decodes the conditioning and belief systems that we are locked into to that disables into not achieving the greatness we deserve. A simple step-by-step guide to clearing all thoughts, uncovering the "secret" by tapping within a true inner-standment of yourself. All of this is possible with a read that can explore your mind to different options and ways to living a more fueling life. What if you could wake up to the view of your choice ? What if you could completely switch careers in less than a year? Or How about doing what you love instead of what puts food on the table ? How is the universe acting through you to your best potential? How can you be the greatest version of yourself? You have a choice now, will you choose yourself ? If so sit back and take a read.