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Pulse: when gravity fails
John Freitas, author
Sean Grayson is a firefighter that also fights the demons and mistakes of his past. As he tries to put a life back together from the pieces that flew apart over his addictions, the world loses its gravity at the very moment he is in the heat of a fire rescue. Without gravity, he must rescue a small boy and make sense of a world that may be coming apart or maybe it is all just in his head. Sean finds himself keeping secrets again. A scientist in an isolated observatory sees clues that tell him what is happening to the world may be bigger and more deadly than a few earthquakes and a few floating objects. Dr. Paulo Restrepo will have to race against time and the doubts of a world used to gravity behaving the same everywhere at every time. By the time he figures out the cause and what that means for the final approaching event, it might be too late, but he has to try.