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For Independent Inventors

and Corporate Design Engineers

This book differentiates Quantum Inventing, a totally new way of inventing, from traditional inventing. Quantum Inventing shows independent inventors and corporate design engineers how to supplement their income with a new inventing method. It:

- identifies relevant business conditions and opportunities,

- shows how to use publicly available information to inform inventing efforts,

- shows how to narrow the invention focus, and

- provides a workable conceptual support for iterating multiple inventive solutions.

Quantum Inventing describes how to focuses on a discrete set of information that can be acted upon by what I call the TPM method. It then outlines two steps that define the direction of an inventor’s effort to potentially identify multiple inventions. 

For Business Consultants and

Engineering/Technology Managers

From a business strategy point of view, Quantum Inventing has the potential to significantly impact the patent portfolio valuations of start-ups, small, medium and large companies.