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  • 1938015614, 9781938015618
  • 288 pages
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Quest to the Unknown

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Young Dutch reporter JESSIE GOLDEN is truly “golden” in the competitive world of business news. One day she’s given the plum assignment of interviewing business mogul and international playboy CARLOS GOMEZ. To her surprise, Carlos takes a personal interest in her. Before long the two are in a steady relationship. Unbeknownst to Jessie she is destined to fulfill a critical life mission, crucial for the fate of the world. Her journey starts on the eve of her holiday when she discovers an old folder full of information in the closet of her apartment relating to a mysterious woman called NANCY and her son, PAUL. Feeling some instinctual connection she begins a quest, with a series of unexplainable supernatural occurrences immediately occurring in different encounters with a variety of people, including a mysterious monk, who seems to have expected Jessie’s visit. At the same time Jessie is introduced to Carlos’ father, a famous captain of industry, who can’t let his talented only son live his own life. The latter is frustrating Carlos, who suffers from his father’s constant interference, forcing him into a life he doesn’t desire. Alerted by one of Carlos’ employees, Jessie soon discovers Carlos’ father is suspected to have ties with the mafia. She begins investigating his business dealings, afraid he might destroy the company Carlos built from scratch. To her horror, many of the people who provide her with information that seems to corroborate the rumors end up dead. In tandem Jessie is able to glue the bits and pieces of information together relating to Nancy. A story unfolds of an abused and mistreated psychic, who could help and cure many people with her energetic healing powers but due to a sad twist of fate wasn’t able to save her beloved son. Paul, a high-caliber CFO, lost track in life for reasons which remain a mystery to Jessie. Even though Nancy goes to the extreme in trying to get Paul back on track, she can’t prevent him from committing suicide after a miserable life reigned by drugs. The psychic is fully aware Jessie was unwittingly instrumental in Paul’s suicide. She also knows who Jessie really is and the difficult mission the Dutch journalist faces in the threat of an oncoming major nature disaster that will leave only few alive on Earth. In fact, the psychic will be instrumental in helping Jessie to discover her crucial life role after they have met. Jessie is not the only one interested in finding Nancy. Former German reporter BERNARD MAYER, once totally obsessed with a German psychic who predicted a worldwide disaster, killing more than half of the world´s population, believes Nancy is the special woman that psychic foretold, appearing after the Apocalypse. After Jessie is hospitalized, in a coma, as a result of a vicious attack, Carlos rushes to be at her side, but all is not as it appears with her fiancé. Blinded by power, money and ambition he plotted a plan to free himself from the suffocating love of his father, using the misplaced allegations regarding his father for his own purposes while having ties with the mafia himself. Jessie, merely a means for him to reach his long-term objectives, is in more danger than ever, from the one person she believes she can trust implicitly.

Jessie Golden, a journalist and interviewer at Kruger Publishing, is on a special mission in this life. Only she does not know it until she finds a folder in her room, and information on an unusual family to which she immediately feels a certain affinity. Co-incidence? Maybe not…. She finds a number of leads in the documents and assisted by her friend Angelina and others, she eventually finds Nancy, an extraordinary energy healer who tells her of her mission. Elsewhere, she meets Paul, Nancy’s son, and discovers the link between them. Earlier in visiting a monk mentioned in the notes, he had also more than hinted that her mission had just begun.
Simultaneously, Jessie has a number of mundane ‘missions’- an interview with Carlos Gomez, a powerful businessman; falling in mutually declared love with Carlos; and following up stories about Carlos’ father, Sancho, being linked to the Mafia, and involvement in insider trading; and the possibility that the father may be seeking to destroy his son’s businesses. All pf these need confirmation, including Carlos’ declared love for her, and their engagement to be married. All is in fact not what they seem - there is murder, rape and suicide. Sancho’s bona fides in protecting Carlos, and Carlos’ claim to have more than usual feelings for Jessie, are both questionable. Carlos has her in an overwhelming romance, and is dangerous and manipulative.
This book is the first of a Jessie Golden series. The author has established a high platform with this first, which I trust will be maintained in the others. The book is well structured as the two streams of Jessie’s mission move to merge into the one that will link her back (I hope) to Nancy and Paul. There are more than twelve characters in the book, and their roles and interfaces are well depicted. Thankfully, the author was able to avoid too much outside-character-interventions in any current-character- chapter, which usually creates a bit of distraction for me.
The characters all supported Jessie in a number of ways; except Bernard who tried to usurp her writing about Nancy. Carlos stands by himself, and at the end seems being set up for a fall, but for the present he seems to be on top of it all, including Jessie. I like Jessie’s character – independence; steadfastness; investigative power; loyalty; success, and with all that ‘a certain coolness’ – all suitable for her present and I anticipate, her future missions.
The book is very well written, and held my interest throughout at a relatively high level. I resonated with the thinking on life and reincarnation. Ponder this: “Each time your soul returns to Earth, it appears in a different jacket. When you die, you just take it off, returning to the world from which we originate.” And……… “Your existence is like a book. Every time you go back to write a new chapter. You should think of the Earth as a school. You choose your lessons, i.e., the things you have to learn. The whole thing is part of some kind of test. In sum, it reads like passing an exam. When you come back they’ll look [to see] if you have graduated or not.”
Magda’s apocalypse involving many of our own present day concerns, and in addition ‘a big fight’, definitely shook me up. I look forward to Jessie as the promised woman to come: “in the midst of chaos and misery, another woman will appear who’ll ignite the heart of many. It will be a marker to a change into a new period.” On this visit to the classroom, Jessie has just begun her true mission.


Quest to the Unknown is a suspenseful mystery that that will keep the reader interested and engaged. The characters are well-developed although not all of them are likable. Jessie is one of those people that people automatically like. She is beautiful, funny, compassionate and humble. It also means that the shallow people will dislike her because they are jealous of how well-liked she is. Carlos, is a hard-working and powerful businessman who is struggling to get from under his father's thumb. There were also the cryptic others who discuss an event happening that could change the world.

The story pace is steady with quite a few surprises that kept me guessing. The author switches character view points a few times so that the reader is aware of more than the characters themselves. I was surprised by what was found out during Carlos point of view. It definitely left quite a few questions in my mind. I actually can't wait to read the 2nd book to find out what happens. Will Jessie learn the lessons she needs to learn? How does love save the world? Overall, good read for anyone who loves romantic suspense filled with mysticism and mystery. 


Wow this book was simply amazing. This was interesting to read. This book is so well-written and thought through. This is story is just the beginning.
This is Jessie story. She is a journalist, who is on a special mission. Well she does not know it until she finds a folder in her room, full of information on an unusual family. Nancy being the most important. She finds a number of leads in the documents and is helped by her friend Angelina and others. she eventually finds Nancy, an extraordinary energy healer who tells her of her mission. Elsewhere, she meets Paul, Nancy’s son, and discovers the link between them. This book is the first of a Jessie Golden series. And I am so ready for book two. I had a hard time putting this book down.
Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do; they value your opinions too

Is Life on Earth about to be changed?

"What is the world coming to?" Dutch author Annelies George asked herself when she read yet another article about a natural disaster or act of terrorism with devastating consequences. In fact, the current state of the Earth, combined with an unusual story of a psychic and the fascinating theory of Quantum Physics, inspired her to start writing the Jessie Golden series. George did this after work during the evening hours. Along the way she included some of her own real-life experiences and facts she discovered when researching the world of the supernatural. The first part (Quest to the Unknown) will be released on November 16th by Hybrid Global Publishing.

George, a Dutch ICT finance professional with a track record as successful (EMEA) regional manager and director for large US IT corporations such as General Electric, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, started to write in her youth. Encouraged by her PA, George picked up writing again as an adult, with the purpose of releasing a book detailing her personal adventures as a woman in a male-dominated business environment. Due to circumstances that book was never published.

At present George has written and translated two other parts in the series, Darkness & Light and The Prophecy. Apart from the Jessie Golden Earth Series, George recently started to write a fiction work revolving around a dating site alongside another non-fiction work she completed last year, but feels need a complete revision before it can be published.

When writing part two (Darkness & Light) she started the Loveable Light initiative, with the aim to encourage people to become more aware of their everyday behavior, influencing the current state of this planet. The initiative is closely linked to the message George is trying to pass on in the Jessie Golden Series. More information including a video outlining her thoughts can be found on her website: http://www.loveablelight.comor

Encouraged by her father, who passed away as a result of cancer, she decided to follow her dream and have her books published in the US. Quest to the Unknown is the first in the series. At present, George is taking care of her 84-year-old mother, who has Alzheimer’s.


Is worldpeace still possible despite the new missile launch by Kim Jong-un?

"Yes, it is ours for the taking if we start to realize how we can use Quantum Physics to our benefit," states Dutch author Annelies George, adding that it might still take some time before a change will be noticeable. With the release of her new book Quest to the Unknown and the promotion of her initiative Loveable Light, George wants to make people aware that World Peace is not a utopia.

George, a finance professional with management positions in companies such as Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, discovered that the collective awareness of the human mind shows close similarities with the way Quantum Physics works. It motivated her to write the Jessie Golden Series, of which the first part (Quest to the Unknown) was recently released. This week she launched a video on social media, explaining how we can achieve World Peace by using science.

“It all started when I joined a Munay-Ki workshop, to gain some more insight in the initiations and philosophy when doing research for my books,” George says. “Suddenly I realized why ill minded spirits are able to influence large groups of people.”

It motivated her to study the Theory of Quantum Physics. In a nutshell it states that if one particle is more organized than another one, the lesser organized particle will take the structure of the more organized one once they meet. And even when 

they separate the restructured particle will act as it influencer, restructuring other lesser organized particles on its way. This process is continuously repeated. Once a critical mass has been reached it will snowball.

“Throughout history people with bad ideas and thoughts have been able to influence other people,” George explains. “Usually the latter group of people was not in their right head due to circumstances such as the effects of an economic downturn. Strong minded characters took advantage of that.”

As an example George mentions Hitler. 
“People were a little of their game due to the crisis and absorbing what he was stating,” she says, referring to the working of Quantum Physics. “It reached a critical mass and within no time he was able to get an entire nation behind him.” 
The same is currently happening with the recruiting of people by terrorist groups. 
“If Quantum Physics works for ill minded people, it should also work for positive behavior,” she concluded.

As the saying goes, it is a case of putting your own house in order first. George launched the Loveable Light initiative ( with some activities taking place. In parallel she started to write a series of fiction books (The Jessie Golden Series) to alert people about the effects of Quantum Physics among other topics.

The video “Loveable Light 2017” and “World Peace enabled by Quantum Physics?” can be found under the media section of her webpage: It also contains an interview video with the title “Is Life on Earth about to be Changed?” in which George is giving her view on the coherence between terror acts, the current state of the world and the increasing natural disasters.

For more information, you can contact Elisabeth Alblas or Carla Petersen, both responsible for Annelies George’s PR:
Carla Petersen: pr(at) 
Elisabeth Alblas: lies.alblas(at)

paperback and ebook Details
  • 1938015614, 9781938015618
  • 288 pages
  • $17.95