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Rage of the Immortals
Lt. Kara Sefina, a disgraced soldier close to starving and about to be forced into a marriage by her family, gets a second-chance when Cifer offers her a 5-year work contract for freeing her from the forced marriage. Only problem - He will delete her memory at the end of five years. Still, it’s a generous job offer. Five gold coins a month is nothing to sneeze at! She accepts and finds herself introduced to a fantastic new world, filled with magick, demons and sorcerers. She soon learns that all is not well between her world and the magickal world, and unless she takes a stance, both worlds will fall. Her choices put her in the middle of a struggle between two ancient beings, where she finds unlikely helpers in a dirty, ragged, schizophrenic god and a wispy, magickal python. After a long time, she has friends who don’t judge her for her past, she has a purpose, and she’ll be damned before she lets anyone take them away from her. But in her struggle to stop the destruction of everything she holds dear, she ends up staking her life on a single choice. Problem is, the choice is not hers to make this time. This is a story where gods fall and the fallen rise. This is a story about choices, some easy and intuitive, some hard, and some heart-breaking, and about the consequences of choosing wrong.