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Rally on Two
Scott Zucker, author
In Rally on Two, Hank Bennett was happily married with a young child until he loses everything in a devastating accident. While trying to cope with the realities of his new life, Hank is also trying to manage an ongoing law practice. While struggling to make it day to day, he is assigned a pro bono criminal case where a young boy is fighting to prove his innocence and he takes on a whistle-blower case which may finally provide the answers to explain a family’s untimely death. Hank’s chance at recovery is strengthened when he is asked to coach a local little league team. In many ways, his time working with his young baseball players becomes a metaphor for Hank’s life. Hank begins to understand that just like in baseball there are wins and losses in everyone’s life. At the end of the day, when Hank is facing two outs in his own life, Hank has the chance to give up or rally for his own redemption. He has the chance to “rally on two”. The question is, can he do it?