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Recast Light
Diplomacy, Double-Cross, and the Domino’s last stand—out of the shadow and into the fire! Though Chiaroscuro is safe from the crumbling shadow that once surrounded it, it is now threatened by a massive, Gremlin-made bomb with no one to stop it but Delilah, Emmaline, and… Balder Spleenbeck? Sebastian is in no position to help his city. As his contract with Alcea goes into effect, she controls his actions and forces him to go after friend and foe alike. In order to rescue Chiaroscuro’s ex-king, Bostwick and Millicent reexamine the spells in Alistair’s book, discovering that there may be more to them than they thought. But even if they find a way of dealing with Sebastian, Alcea won’t give up what she wants without a fight. How can you stay one step ahead of someone who’s lived for hundreds of years? In the final installment of the Styx Trilogy, get ready for spur-of-the-moment treaties, accidental love confessions, dancing, scheming, and, just maybe, one last magic show.