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Reconcilable Differences
Kate is a survivor. Fifteen years after her breakdown, Kate has built a successful career as a family mediator, specializing in couple’s reconciliation. In fact, she’s about to receive a prestigious award for her accomplishments. Her latest mediation brings together a young couple on the brink of divorce, and only Kate’s expertise and sensitivity can save them. It also, unexpectedly, reconnects her with former lover Simon Sharpe, who represents the high and the low points of her life, uncomfortably forcing her to revisit her difficult and painful past. Still haunted by her unrequited love, Simon’s reemergence in Kate’s life exhumes memories of trauma and heartbreak, along with unwanted feelings of insecurity and self-doubt she believed were long resolved. As Simon and Kate steer their feuding, secretive clients towards reconciliation and navigate their confusing past, their own relationship reignites and takes them on an unexpected path.
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